Dorian/Lily Cosplay, Poppets! Blessed Samhain or Happy Halloweenie!

There’s a loophole in my *cough* awesome *cough* contract with HarperCollins. So I can’t submit my plot/characters in any Dorian/Lily to any other company, unless the Mischief had first dibs and rejected the content. Finding Lily is on the market, has been accepted, and is no longer my own. But…Do you remember how much cosplay turned Lily on? And Dorian Holder said he might humble himself just enough to feed her fantasy, though it would be mortifying to him as a dom? Well, even alpha males have a heart.

Luckily for my sweet fans? There are a bunch of pages rejected from my original book and hit the cutting room floor, which legally makes them yours and mine! This bit reads like an out-take you get at the end of a movie, should you sit in the theater long enough afterwards to see what happens after the credits, if you haven’t finished your popcorn or don’t want to stand in a line to leave. Lotsa folks get bummed by cliff-hanger endings, which I understand. Originally, there was not a cliffhanger ending of Reaching Lily, just an over-the-top silly one. Hopefully this story-within-a-story will tide you over until the next chunk of Dorian and Lily’s tale goes live.

Finding Lily is available now for pre-order in the UK, though I’m not sure when you can snag it here in the states. Meanwhile, there will be a paperback version of Reaching Lily in December for a Christmas present to yourself…or whomever you know who somehow doesn’t own a Kindle but still wants to read something naughty when it’s wicked cold and snowy outside.

Seeing as I love me some good sabbat, and that Finding Lily won’t be out until February –right in time for Valentine’s Day– a little freebie to anyone who wants to download it seems like a good idea. If you’re a hardcore fan of Dorian and Lily, you may enjoy this unpublished little encounter of theirs to download on your desktop, tablet, or whatever your device of choice might be. Since days-of-yore outfits and over-the-top scenarios happen, it seemed like October was a good time to throw it out there.

because pirates
because of pirates

Caveat: my romance reading friends? You absolutely can not tie this excerpt in with the sequel. Honest to goodness, this bit strictly rejected from the original story, so there’s other stuff in Finding Lily that negates it, etc. All in good fun, and you’ll more than likely be happier with how I concluded the ending scene of RL in the sequel. Just enjoy this slice of fan-fic with some candy corn, slightly bruised apples, hard cider, and your Rabbit. Thanks, y’all. Happy holy-daze!

P.S. After that whole schpiel, I can’t figure out how to put an attachment on a WordPress page, and can’t find any little link that says “ATTACHMENT” where I can throw in a Word Document. Guess someone will need to write and tell me how to do this sh*t, or you’ll have to go check out my Facebook page.

Or something like that. I can’t seem to figure out how to do links, either, so just cut and paste. I swear that this story will be out to you at some point tomorrow. Pinkie swear. Arrrrr!

Stay tuned!