XIII Death


30X40 Acrylic and oil on canvas. First (and last!) of a series of XXL tarot cards. Sold.




About 18″. Cloth, stuffing, yarn, porcelain, wire.

*For those who didn’t grow up Catholic, here’s a “monstrance.”


Appease Me


18″ (approx). Terra cotta, fresh outta the kiln. Babies be mine, cute li’l pots are not.

UPDATE regarding “Fifty Shades of Fabio” New Hampshire Writers Project Cancellation! And a little comp from me.

Hello, friends.

I regret that I’m not able to lead the February 2 workshop. As I mentioned on a prior tweet, there are transportation, financial, weather, and health issues involved. Since I just heard from the New Hampshire Writers Project that mine was a “last-second cancellation,” I’d like to let attendees know this is not the case. I gave two weeks notice, and take your needs seriously. 

I apologize to folks who wanted to attend, and want to make it up to you. If you’d like to be in touch with me personally,  get a little feedback on what you’re working on, etc?  I’m here.

It should go without saying that I expect ZERO financial compensation from participants or the New Hampshire Writers Project. This is a freebie! I’ve offered NHWP the option to have me Skype in part of the workshop to support my replacement author, should s/he wish.  Haven’t heard back, yet, (there’ve been some communication issues), but will let you know if/when I have more deets.

If you have signed up to attend the seminar, thank you so much! You can contact me at ms.vivacia@gmail.com. I will get back to you within 48 hours, and email you copies of  Reaching Lily, Finding Lily, and Angels Prey to load in your Kindle for some hot/sassy winter reading. Please write WORKSHOP on your subject line, so I know it’s not spam.


Vivacia K. Ahwen and Rachel Robbins

This is my original post. Just Because.

Saturday February 2, 2019, 1-4pm

Love it or hate it, modern erotic romance is it here to stay. Once called “bodice rippers” and “mommy porn,” the books which fall under this umbrella are at last gaining recognition and respect in the mainstream community. ER makes up over a third of all novels sold, with $1.8 billion dollar revenue in 2018, and with the convenience of e-reader, the market continues to boom. Authors in all fiction genres —not just popular romance– should be familiar with the language of “Romancelandia”. We’ll discuss history, tropes, formula, themes, characterization, and general tone of the erotic novel. Then we get down and dirty. That’s right, you’ll leave Fifty Shades of Fabio with a few pages of your own erotic fiction, because we’re going to brainstorm, write, and workshop. No critique. Just exploration, exercises, and likely a few laughs involved in our classroom adventure. Who knows? You may just end up ready to write the next naughty bestseller.

Rachel Robbins/Vivacia K. Ahwen is HarperCollins author of Reaching Lily, Finding Lily, Angels’ Prey, The Land of Nod, and a contributor to the anthology 47-16: Poetry Inspired By David Bowie. She graduated from the University of Maine at Farmington with a B.A. in English/Psychology, and a B.F.A. in creative writing. Ahwen went on to earn a creative writing M.F.A. at the Stonecoast Program, before becoming an English and creative writing instructor at the University of Maine at Augusta, Central Maine Community College, Thomas College, Erskine Academy, and Winslow High School. Though now writing full-time, she is also hosts one of the Maine Arts Commission artists-in-residence programs, offering six-week novel writing workshops for local high schools’ gifted and talented students. While continuing to write ER, her three current WIPs are a YA thriller, poetry collection, a graphic novel, and designing indie book covers. Like many authors, Rachel Robbins/ Vivacia K. Ahwen wears many hats, a few of which are stylish. You can find Vivacia on her WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and HarperCollins pages, or email rachelingridrobbins@gmail.com.

WHERE: The workshop will be held at The Ford House on the campus of SNHU (2500 North River Road, Manchester, NH 03106 — Directions and parking info here)

WHEN: Saturday February 2 from 1-4pm

COST: This workshop is $65 for NHWP members or $85 for nonmembers and is limited to 12 students. Register now to ensure your spot in the class using the “Register Now” button below.

Not a member? Want to join a community of writers working to foster an audience for literature in New Hampshire? Click here to join or renew your membership to the New Hampshire Writers Project.

P.S. Though description says 12 participants is the limit, I’m expanding to 15. Mo’ bettah!