Okay, now that we got This Guy out of the way….

Look, it was on “stock photos” on Google Images for “trashy angels.” Since the gettyimages tag is still on it makes me think there’s a copyright involved which I’m violating. In which case, may the owner of this photo please contact me so that I can remove it at once. Apparently, there are tons of Trashy Angels available, but this fella fit the bill. He’s buyin’ what I’m sellin’!

It’s Getcher-Freak-On-Friday! On a whim, I decided to revive this ol’ chestnut, previously published by Noble Romance (that now-defunct indie company wrought with scandal and corruption) under my own “publishing company.” [I call said press “Ahwenterprises, LLC…” which is a self-pleasuring way of saying KDP.] Here’s the original blurbie:

                                                 ONE WAS NEVER ENOUGH

Clarice Larrabee’s scandalous dalliances as a maid in the Oakesdale estate have her expelled to the Holy Order of St Anne for a life of celibacy and repentance. Lord Frothingham’s calculated seduction and Clarice’s romance with his handsome son George led to her social and spiritual ruin, leaving her heartbroken, scorned, and bereft. There is no place in Victorian English society for a love so passionate, nor a will so bold, nor a mind so bright as Clarice Larrabee, who now dedicates herself to the convent, praying with all her might for redemption. Yet how long can she run from her true nature?

                                                HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF

An amorous visitation from an Angel named Jabazael reawakens the sensual side of Clarice, from which there is no turning back. After a night of wanton lust in the arms of this powerful being, she realizes her destiny is not within the confines of a manse, nor the walls of a cathedral, but in another realm altogether. After her surrender to Angel Jabazael, she encounters Daemon Maelfar, who reveals Clarice’s unique destiny as a receptacle of angelic light and diabolical darkness. But her role in the universal balance between good and evil can only begin after a ritual of erotic pleasure when both holy creatures share her body, where she submits to becoming eternally…

                                                         ANGELS’ PREY


It’s weird, it’s wicked dirty, and it was fun as heck to write. Think of a triple-X (try MMF) comedic tribute to Victorian Gothic romance novels (of the “Dear Reader” variety), and a total parody of V.C. Andrews. But –spoiler alert– no one has sex with any siblings, cousins, or uncles. I did have fun breaking all the “Never use passive voice, adverbs, exclamation points, purple prose, em-dashes, run-on sentences, hyperbole, etc. rules.” The title and description are a bit misleading, since the majority of Clarice’ sordid tale takes place at the Oakesdale estate, and the angels are only in the first and last couple of chapters.  I had every intention of turning it into a series, so it’s primarily sexy backstory.

But, as I’ve mentioned here before, I am on an erotica hiatus, until it gets to be fun, again. In my last post, I mentioned clearing the desk drawers of old work, in order to keep making room for new fiction, poetry, and art.

As with all KDP books, Angels’ Prey is available for FREEEEEEEEE with Kindle Unlimited! Periodically I’ll be doing promotional price drops, but can’t seem to figure out how that whole thing works. That may not happen for awhile, but, still…. $2.99 is way cheaper than a small pumpkin spice latte, and Angels’ Prey Porny-Purple-Prose is way more stimulating than caffeine. Not to mention way spicier than flavoured corn syrup.

In a few days, AP will also be available as a paperback, for people like me who get headaches reading e-books. Plus, it’s just aesthetically pleasing to hold a solid book in your hands, and you retain more from turning physical pages than scrolling on a screen. True story! I’ll update this with the link in the near future.

Have a lovely weekend.





“The light dims, just enough that when I sit up, I see the form of a man, an absolutely perfect man, standing at the foot of my bed. His wings rise and fall, exactly in unison with my breath and my heartbeat. It feels so very real. Perhaps a vision, such as many saints have had before. But I am no saint.” ~~From Angels’ Prey

"Sammmmy!" "DEAN?"

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Full moon tonight. Best day of the month for some, worst for others. Lotta howling lunatics out and about, judging from all the noise outside my window. Me, I get all full moon fever hypergraphia and write like a maniac every 28 days. For example, this is my third blog essay, tonight. Wish the words always came so quick and easily. Is this how it is to be Stephen King every day of the year?

Also, I uploaded my debut novel, Angels’ Prey.

Let me know if the link works.

Readers are excited about Reaching Lily and chomping at the bit for a sequel. (Meanwhile, I am waiting on some paperwork, but that’s another story.) Though Finding Lily is in the works, she may not arrive for awhile, and I wanted you to have something Vivacia-like and dirty to enjoy before then. As this is the first in a series, and I have control of the business side of things, new releases from The Dark Alchemy Series will come out at a more rapid rate, assuming I’ve always got a computer on hand when the bad moon’s a’ risin’. WARNING: Angels’ Prey is nothing like Reaching Lily, except that the heroine is a submissive for a couple months to the dark and diabolical Lord Frothingham. There’s an angel/demon/nun threeway. It’s epic. Total fantasy escapism, very tongue-in-cheek, and does not have anyone else’ fingerprints on it besides my own.

Initially, Prey was published by some Bogus Indie Company Who Shall Not Be Named a year and a half ago. It was available for just a month and grossly overpriced, but people were buying it for whatever reason. Hopefully they will buy it, again.

Hint, Hint.

Right, Angels’ Prey history. Anywayz, the BICWSNBN collapsed, climbed onto their pilfered ponies, and galloped into the sunset…but not after stealing a lot of money from a lot of hard-working authors. We had to fight for our fiction, and I’ve gotten all rights reverted to me; though it seems to still be available for Nook. I’m working on fixing that. The Noble Dark Lords of Booksales make “Contact Us” a truly difficult task. I see that some cagey looking site called Sales Spider is offering it as well for $4.99, which is ludicrous. For the record, I would never charge more than $2.99 for a book fewer than 150 pages. Don’t buy from either of these places, nor anywhere else you might stumble across Angels’ Prey other than Amazon Kindle.


….Likey you some lite BDSM, gothic romance, MMF action, paranormal sexcapades, feather play, and enormous penises? We aim to please at Ahwenterprises, Incorporated. Angels’ Prey is here for you to enjoy, for less than a Venti coffee!

I want/ed to host an ebook giveaway and be all BOOK RELEASE DAY showy, but don’t know how to do it; still trying to figure out AKP. Should anyone have easier-to-understand links to send me than the Amazon guideline/FAQ pages, please do so. My format is a train wreck, so I keep having to reassure myself that you guys aren’t reading Angels’ Prey for the correct centering, you are more likely under the blankets gripping a Hitachi Wand in one hand, Kindle in the other. Oh, isn’t the cover lovely, though? I did it all my very own self. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a huge accomplishment to most, but I am not an App girl, computers scare me, and following directions drives me bonkers. So creating the sepia-feathery-fifty-shades knockoff made me feel like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

I’d also like to send you in the Goodreads direction so you could check out some reviews, but since Angels’ Prey was only available a few weeks, the following Amazon five star write-up is all I have. It’s a mysterious Melissa, and I would like to buy her a chai, wherever she may be.

5.0 out of 5 stars beautifully written, July 21, 2013

By melissa 

This review is from: Angels’ Prey (Dark Alchemy Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

very talented writer, I have a feeling after reading this book that this is not the last we will see of Vivacia K. Ahwen. Her intelligent use of language transcends this genre making you forget at times that you are reading a “trashy novel” 🙂

Rock on, Melissa. See? Make an honest woman of Sweet Melissa, and read Angels’ Prey. Love it a lot. Be my second reviewer, if you would. Leave a rating and glorious rave (or rant, I s’pose, but please don’t be a dink about it) on my author page. Thanks so much, and I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.