A Few Words from The Hermit Plus Spooky Assemblage


Hello. I’ve been a busy girl over the past almost YEAR or whenever since I last wrote. Lots to catch up on, which I may or may not do. If someone blogs this infrequently, it’s safe to say maybe blogs aren’t her bag. For now, I’m going to put up a couple assemblages I recently finished, and remind folks that I am up for selling my creepy stuff and/or designing book covers. I call this beastie “Hermit IX.” He’s acrylic, oil, antique Spanish Bible pages, busted porcelain doll+other toys, Spanish moss, tulle, and heaven knows what else on a 24X36 canvas. Available in his current form or as limited edition framed and matted prints. For more info, contact me via rachelingridrobbins@gmail.com, rather than through the blog. More soon. Perhaps.

~~ vka

P.S. Angels Cry has been postponed, due to technical difficulties.