Pre-order Your Copy of Finding Lily Today!


Well tie me up, and call me sub…Finding Lily arrives at last! Yep, the much-anticipated sequel to last year’s Reaching Lily is coming your way February 25th. She’s available for pre-order on all things Amazon, Barnes&Noble (if you’re Nooky), Google, HarperCollins sites, and…well, a bunch of other places. Here’s the link to Finding Lily on Amazon U.S.

You may want to re-read Reaching Lily, since it was an unintentional cliffhanger. Haven’t read it, yet? No time like the present. See, right now it’s on sale for $1.99 Amazon worldwide. Here’s the U.S. link:

Thanks, y’all. Hope you enjoy round two of Alpha Dorian and his neurotic “bae” Lily, as they take kink to a whole new level. Stay tuned!






Full moon tonight. Best day of the month for some, worst for others. Lotta howling lunatics out and about, judging from all the noise outside my window. Me, I get all full moon fever hypergraphia and write like a maniac every 28 days. For example, this is my third blog essay, tonight. Wish the words always came so quick and easily. Is this how it is to be Stephen King every day of the year?

Also, I uploaded my debut novel, Angels’ Prey.

Let me know if the link works.

Readers are excited about Reaching Lily and chomping at the bit for a sequel. (Meanwhile, I am waiting on some paperwork, but that’s another story.) Though Finding Lily is in the works, she may not arrive for awhile, and I wanted you to have something Vivacia-like and dirty to enjoy before then. As this is the first in a series, and I have control of the business side of things, new releases from The Dark Alchemy Series will come out at a more rapid rate, assuming I’ve always got a computer on hand when the bad moon’s a’ risin’. WARNING: Angels’ Prey is nothing like Reaching Lily, except that the heroine is a submissive for a couple months to the dark and diabolical Lord Frothingham. There’s an angel/demon/nun threeway. It’s epic. Total fantasy escapism, very tongue-in-cheek, and does not have anyone else’ fingerprints on it besides my own.

Initially, Prey was published by some Bogus Indie Company Who Shall Not Be Named a year and a half ago. It was available for just a month and grossly overpriced, but people were buying it for whatever reason. Hopefully they will buy it, again.

Hint, Hint.

Right, Angels’ Prey history. Anywayz, the BICWSNBN collapsed, climbed onto their pilfered ponies, and galloped into the sunset…but not after stealing a lot of money from a lot of hard-working authors. We had to fight for our fiction, and I’ve gotten all rights reverted to me; though it seems to still be available for Nook. I’m working on fixing that. The Noble Dark Lords of Booksales make “Contact Us” a truly difficult task. I see that some cagey looking site called Sales Spider is offering it as well for $4.99, which is ludicrous. For the record, I would never charge more than $2.99 for a book fewer than 150 pages. Don’t buy from either of these places, nor anywhere else you might stumble across Angels’ Prey other than Amazon Kindle.


….Likey you some lite BDSM, gothic romance, MMF action, paranormal sexcapades, feather play, and enormous penises? We aim to please at Ahwenterprises, Incorporated. Angels’ Prey is here for you to enjoy, for less than a Venti coffee!

I want/ed to host an ebook giveaway and be all BOOK RELEASE DAY showy, but don’t know how to do it; still trying to figure out AKP. Should anyone have easier-to-understand links to send me than the Amazon guideline/FAQ pages, please do so. My format is a train wreck, so I keep having to reassure myself that you guys aren’t reading Angels’ Prey for the correct centering, you are more likely under the blankets gripping a Hitachi Wand in one hand, Kindle in the other. Oh, isn’t the cover lovely, though? I did it all my very own self. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a huge accomplishment to most, but I am not an App girl, computers scare me, and following directions drives me bonkers. So creating the sepia-feathery-fifty-shades knockoff made me feel like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

I’d also like to send you in the Goodreads direction so you could check out some reviews, but since Angels’ Prey was only available a few weeks, the following Amazon five star write-up is all I have. It’s a mysterious Melissa, and I would like to buy her a chai, wherever she may be.

5.0 out of 5 stars beautifully written, July 21, 2013

By melissa 

This review is from: Angels’ Prey (Dark Alchemy Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

very talented writer, I have a feeling after reading this book that this is not the last we will see of Vivacia K. Ahwen. Her intelligent use of language transcends this genre making you forget at times that you are reading a “trashy novel” 🙂

Rock on, Melissa. See? Make an honest woman of Sweet Melissa, and read Angels’ Prey. Love it a lot. Be my second reviewer, if you would. Leave a rating and glorious rave (or rant, I s’pose, but please don’t be a dink about it) on my author page. Thanks so much, and I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.



When Cheating Is Okay

Okay, that was more clickbait. But ya see, I have been trying to do this thing where I write a blogpost every week, and got caught up in the Holy Daze. So I am CHEATING and printing an interview from Summer’s Book Blog. Contrary to my claim (and best intentions), I’m still struggling with the KDP Select program, and Angels’ Prey won’t be available for at least another week. But it WILL be out sooner rather than later, and I will host that five day giveaway.

Here’s the interview. More soon.


1. What has inspired you to start writing?

Since I was able to pick up a magic marker, I’ve been writing. When I was six I read Little Women, and simply HAD to be Jo March scribbling away in the writing garrett. (Some of my “early writing” can only be described as Alcott fan fiction.) I got lucky and had parents who always encouraged my sibs and me when it came to the arts. We were That Family who did not have a television. Know what I mean?

2. Who are some of your favorite authors/books?

Top three books: Vladimir’s Lolita, Gabo’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, and Dostoevsky’s The Idiot.

3. Do you know yet when the next book for Reaching Lily will be out?

Not sure. It’s outlined and the first few chapters are done, but I’ve been wrapped up in my Day Job, which is exhausting; social service doesn’t leave you much energy at day’s end. I’m cutting back my hours within the next couple weeks, and would like Finding Lily (yep, that’s the title) to be out in the next six months. But no promises! I’ve got another project in the works.

4. What has been the hardest thing for you about writing?

Oh, it really comes down to time, as well as this weird thing about my habits. I will have NOTHING by way of words for several weeks— total block— but then, all of a sudden, I sit down and write 100 pages over a couple days. I have epilepsy, and this weirdness is called “hypergraphia.” It’s kind of a rush, and comes in handy. Often 25% sounds like manic rambling, but I get to keep a good chunk of it. Helps with deadlines.

5. Was Reaching Lily based on any experience you have had?

My theory is that characters/plot of any book have some piece of the author in them, no matter how much we try to do otherwise. It’s like Jung’s theory that most everyone who turns up in a dream is some aspect of yourself, personified. Though there are a few lines people in my life have said, and I thought, “Oh, totally something so-and-so would say.” Then there is the sex factor, but we won’t go there. Heh.

6. Who do you picture as Lily and Dorian?

Lily’s easy-peasy: Zooey Deschanel. Dorian, on the other hand, is a total shapeshifter, and I’ve pictured him in so many different ways. He’s deliberately written that way, right down to his name (The Picture of Dorian Gray). Ian Somerholder? Colin Farrell? Chris Pine? Maybe young versions of Benjamin Bratt, David Boreanz, and Jimmy Smits…Jimmy always rocked the fancy suits in NYPD Blue. For his voice/personality I totally get David Duchovny playing Hank Moody.

7. What is favorite and least favorite thing about writing?

Favorite: TOTAL escapism! Love getting into that meditative zone where the whole world just shuts down and your head’s all tingly; that feeling when your writing time is up for the day that you’ve been far away. Least favorite…going to re-read your piece the next day and deciding it’s total crap. Stephen King’s trick of shoving first drafts of books in a drawer for three months is brilliant.

8. Do you have a favorite place to write?

I have a giant recliner and a lap desk I use. If it’s a rainy day, that’s pure creative heaven for me. Also, the one time I went to St. John, I wrote more on the porch of our getaway than ever. I want to go back. That’s half the reason I’m sending Lily there. Which brings me to your next question….

9. Do you do a lot of research before you start a new book?

Usually it’s incidental. Setting is a great big play land for me. When I’m talking setting, I am going beyond location. It’s the time period, arts, literature, fashion, media, religion, pop culture, and characters’ lifestyle based on what they grew up with and all that surrounds them. Often this means I get to read up on a bunch of stuff as it turns up in my stories, which is wicked fun. Had a great time with Dorian’s clothing, for example. Google “world’s most expensive necktie,” and get ready to fall down a rabbit hole of Rich Guy Stuff. When I’m writing historical fiction, obviously I do quite a bit of fact-checking. As far as erotica, specifically? When stuck, I have been known to take advantage of the generous offerings of Redtube for a little inspiration. Just for the sake of research, of course 😉

10. Do you have a playlist that you listen to while writing?

I don’t listen to music while I’m writing, because it shapes my stories and rhythm of words into something different that what needs to happen. However, I have soundtracks/playlists for my stories while I’m NOT writing. Sometimes it’s stuff my characters do/would listen to. Other times, the tunes simply reflect plot. It’s a way for me to stay in touch with the piece when I’m not actually writing.

11. What are you currently working on?

A present for all you ladies! I have a re-release coming out called ANGELS’ PREY: Book I of the Dark Alchemy series. It’s a paranormal MMF, which had a one-month run a couple years ago, but the publishers (Noble Books) collapsed just as it was picking up steam. So, I’m self-publishing this time, and hosting a five-day Holiday Giveaway for readers. From Solstice —assuming I can figure out this program by tomorrow— until Christmas, Angels’ Prey will be available for free. Seasons Greetings to reading friends!