Finding Lily Week One: A Few Words of Thanks From Vivacia

Hi, sweet readers! Meant to express my gratitude earlier, but –as we all know—life happens, and I’m not the most faithful blogger. When I have some appreciation to express, I try to be more on top of it; my apologies. Most recently, I’ve been gifted a trip to someplace warm, sunny, and beachy. How’s that for an unexpected plot twist? So now I’m sending you well wishes from the airplane. Seriously, I’m up in the sky, feeling oh-so-very-meta, right now. (Because, you know: Lily. . .blah blah blah. . . airplanes…). You get it. Anyway, Finding Lily seems to be selling quite well, and I’m psyched people are so into it. Or at least you are curious. Thanks to all who have purchased a copy, and double thanks to those who are passing the word onto friends, via reviews, blogs, word-of-mouth, and the rather addictive group pages on Facebook celebrating all things erotica. Get yours today:

Hopefully, that link worked.

A reminder: if you haven’t yet read the first of the Lily Chronicles, Reaching Lily, you can grab it from Amazon right now for a mere $1.99. UK readers, I think it’s a pound and a half, now. Anyway, if you haven’t read it yet, you absolutely must, or Finding Lily will be a total headscratcher. Also, it’s a fun story. Cliffhanger warning.

Another reminder: if you’ve read and are reviewing Finding Lily, awesome! But please be sure to write “Spoilers” in the title of your review, if you are giving anything away. There are surprises, and most readers like to discover them on their own. Yep, some questions are answered. Some are not, and that’s a deliberate choice on the Vivacia end of things. While Finding Lily is not a cliffhanger, and is written as a whole, the tale remains open-ended. As I was first writing this story, FL was the second half of Reaching Lily, but since 600-700 pages would be too long for an e-book I split them up. Hopefully Finding Lily gives you, Dear Reader, some closure regarding the romance of Lily and Dorian.

We shall see.

Perhaps I will return to the Lily Stories, in which case we’ll discover the whereabouts of Lily’s dad, more about Dorian’s backstory/identity, what further lies may lurk beneath the surface, if Rocker Zane McBain is going to prove problematic, if one of the characters –who shall remain nameless– ever goes to jail, what Beezus is up to in Colorado, and more. Point is, there are more stories to tell. And I may or may not revisit, depending on circumstances I shan’t get into right now…lest I be a spoiler, myself!

Enjoy the book. Enjoy the romance. Embrace the spring.