Lily Chronicles and Another Thweet Review, Napoleon!

Firstly, hello. How are you?

Official release date for FINDING LILY: November 4, 2015. Official date for me to get ‘er done? June 2015. So my entries may be even more erratic. I’ve been meaning to plug pages/blogs for those who have read/reviewed REACHING LILY, but still need to catch up. Here’s a sweet one that Lisa McD of “Lisa Reading” posted yesterday:

“I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

We meet the narrator and main character, Lily DeWitt, in the book’s prologue, as she is boarding a Caribbean-bound plane. It is the first flight in her 24 yeas of life. By her own admission, she is not taking an impromptu vacation, but fleeing the scene of a relationship gone wrong. As she recalls her time with former lover, Dorian Holder, it is clear that in spite of her present pain and regret, the man still holds power over her fractured emotions. The aftermath of their relationship leads the reader into the story of Lily and Dorian.

Author Vivacia K. Ahwen blends wry humor, pop culture references, and a Cinderella meets Sex in the City heroine with the classic romance scenario of the dangerously irresistible man. Dorian isn’t merely Lily’s boss. He owns the company, among many other corporate and real estate holdings. He is wealthy, but this is not just another billionaire falls for the sweet, naive girl story. It is gracefully written and offers more depth than any mere variation on a standard theme is likely to provide.
The more I think about Reaching Lily, the more anxious I become to read the following two books in this trilogy in progress. Clearly, what seems to be the end of Lily and Dorian is far from a final parting. I plan to be there when they reunite and more is revealed about both.”

Thanks again, Lisa, both for taking the time for a read…and the excellent review. If you’d like to be in touch with the reviewer, and possibly send some lit-smut her way, check out:

If you’re in New England, please stay warm and safe during tonight’s storm. (How many have there been, this winter?) If you are in a warmer climate, well. You know. We’re jealous.

More soon,



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