What’s Up, Tiger Lily?

Before I had time to get good and mad, the phone knelled again, asking if I wanted to receive a photo message. A photo of a sinewy, muscular back, covered in red scratches for my viewing pleasure and shame. One comment:


Right. I got it. Fuckin’ hilarious, Dorian Hartley Holder, CEO. And no, I would not apologize for the damage I’d done to the man. We subs have more pizzazz than some might think. Dorian had been warned of my feistiness, and I knew the more I resisted him and misbehaved, the more he would discipline me and put me in my place. Which was precisely what I wanted.

–Lily Dewitt, Reaching Lily

Lily Remembers Dorian

“Sometimes Dorian liked to pull back and watch me weep, particularly when my arms were spread wide open in an embrace he would neither answer nor return. Embraces I could never complete while my wrists were tied to opposing bedposts. How badly I wanted to swipe at my tears of frustration as they ran from my eyes down into my ears, all itchy, but of course I could not.

I was bound.”

~~Lily Dewitt, REACHING LILY

REACHING LILY Release Date: November 27

Well, well. My turkey’s going to be extra tasty this year.

SEE “Coming Soon”


Just barely made the deadline. That is, the third deadline. While Lily is still post-production, she’s a go.

How this book came about is an interesting story unto itself, and –when I’m a less busy/better blogger– would very much like to go into that, a bit. My hope is that young writers will be encouraged, and also look at alternative means of getting in print (or on Kindle) besides self-publishing –which I think is fantastic, plan on doing a book that way, m’self — and indie presses. . .which, from my experience and others’ can be a dangerous route.

For now, why don’t I start stealing posting a few scenes from the story?