Vivacia’s July Forecast: Thy Fierce Love

Sweet July, warm July!
Month when mosses near the stream,
Soft green mosses thick and shy,
Are a rapture and a dream.
Summer Queen! whose foot the fern
Fades beneath while chestnuts burn;
I welcome thee with thy fierce love,
Gloom below and gleam above.

~~ George Meredith’s “July” from Poems, Written In Early Youth (1851)


Greetings and Salutations, fellow Earthlings. What a time to be alive! I’d be remiss not to address the chaotic state of the planet as a whole, and the States in particular. Here’s an excerpt from the April astrology column, and the same planetary influences hold us under their cosmic spell.

April 25: Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. We’ve had more than enough of the status quo. Authority figures are called to the carpet and hidden agendas are exposed. The cosmos calls upon the downtrodden to rise and lead, while those who exploited them are held to task. Uprising happens on both local and national levels. Don’t give in to paranoia or fear, trust in the process. Release what holds you back, it’s time to re-choreograph the dance of life. Mercury square Pluto intensifies interaction and mental exploration. Be direct when expressing your needs, yet diplomatic. Dictatorship has had its day in the sun.

Since late April, the people have been fighting for health, justice, and equality at an unprecedented scale. Pluto will go direct on October 4th, but between now and then our explosive social/political environment will continue to intensify. Change is happening fast. Protests work. Keep fighting the good fight.

If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If an egg is broken by an inside force, life begins. Things always begins from inside.

Be strong.

Be brave.

Be bold.

Blessed Be.

July 1: Sun (Cancer) sextile Uranus (Taurus) and Saturn retrograde in Capricorn.

It’s time to slow way, way down. The past few weeks you’ve been catching up with work, whether it’s been streamlining your responsibilities so you can work from home, “rebranding” yourself, trying to stay on top of childcare/homeschooling, and keeping your chin above water to stay strong —and sane– during these turbulent times. Time to take a deep breath, and move into the new phase as the country reopens. While you can relax into the new changes regarding professional and personal performance, remain vigilant about family health. Saturn is the taskmaster of keeping your nose to the grindstone, but since he’s going retrograde into Capricorn it’s time to cut yourself a little slack. Capricorn’s the “worker bee” of the zodiac, so trust that your own instincts will keep you focused and heading in the right direction. Success comes easily if you let go of hypervigilance, learning to think outside the box.

July 5: Full Moon in Capricorn, lunar eclipse.

Big projects are coming to a close. All that you have undertaken over the past few months is bearing fruit, or you are feeling more clear about how the next phases will go in order to achieve a satisfying conclusion. As with last month’s lunar eclipse, change is in the air, all for the better. Though any major change brings struggle, with the planets helping do the work, you approach change in a clear-headed manner. In romance, expect a question to be answered, secrets revealed, and positive restructuring. Let go of past grudges in order to allow your love connection to intensify.

July 8: Mercury (Cancer) sextile Uranus (Taurus).

Mercury Sextile Uranus. The synastry of Cancer and Taurus is all about harmony of mind and creativity with your love interest, closest friends, or work partner. The open-mindedness you’ve been fine honing over the past week pays off. You’re intellectually inspired, and creative flow –your new comfort zone– motivates you. The status quo continues to be challenged with original approaches. Expect a respite from a puzzling conundrum you’ve struggled with, as the planetary aspects are not only harmonious, but bring on unexpected opportunities.

July 12: Mercury direct in Cancer.

Mercury goes direct, today, so you can let go of that breath you were holding. Communication returns to some semblance of normal, particularly in the domestic front with family-friendly Cancer in the picture. Though fewer mechanical and technological fails are on the menu, continue to keep your eye on the “CHECK ENGINE” light on your car, the cell phone charged, and going over those outgoing DMs with a fine toothed comb while we’re still in the Mercury Retro shadow for the next couple days. Enjoy a picnic in the park with loved ones, or –if that’s not a possibility—why not spread out a tablecloth on the living room floor and serve up summery snacks with icy cold beverages? Time to reconnect with loved ones, and make one another feel extra-special.

July 12: Sun (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces).

Cancer continues to work it’s domestic magic, and now with Pisces in the mix you find yourself ready to dream. If you could be anywhere a year from now, where would you be? With whom would you surround yourself? What new skills, habits, or hobbies would you like to incorporate into your life? This is an ideal time to change around the furniture, give your home a fresh protection ritual, and get rid of items which no longer serve you. Sage is always the best for safety smudging, and opium incense will awaken your subconscious intuition. Write down your dreams.

July 14: Sun (Cancer) opposite Jupiter (Capricorn).

You continue to pursue self-improvement under this planetary aspect, and have to fight the tendency to be “Little Mr., Ms., or Mx. Fix It” for your loved ones. Remember that you are a resource, not a the source. While this configuration lends itself to nudging someone in the right direction, try not to push them. Bring the focus back to yourself so that you may best be of service to others. Make Jupiter work for you: While acknowledging that luck is on your side, beware the tendency toward blind optimism. People do what they do. You do you.

July 15: Sun (Cancer) opposite Pluto (Capricorn).

The Sun/Pluto aspect could cause an internal struggle with how to express your needs and desires in a safe manner. Be selective in whom you choose to confide. Try to cut yourself some slack, as the high standards of Pluto opposite Capricorn are nearly impossible to reach. If you find yourself frustrated with your progress, avoid self-destructive behaviors; think in terms of reward rather than punishment. Remember, “Po-body’s nerfect!” Lean into the transformative process. Revel in your uniqueness, celebrate your individuality, and don’t give in to any over-apologetic tendencies. Embrace change.

July 20: New Moon in Cancer AND July 20: Sun (Cancer) opposite Saturn (Capricorn).

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! Turn and face the strange new changes which have surprised you over the past several weeks in general, the last few in particular. Is your role changing? Do you find yourself accepting new responsibilities and roles at which you never saw yourself succeeding? Trust that you have the wear-with-all to take on new challenges, and view each surprise as an adventure or an opportunity. You find your heart is opening in a way you’d never expected. Be brave. You are up for this, and will not only surprise yourself with your new capabilities, but family and friends wonder “Who is this brave new person? Something is different.” Let them wonder.

July 22: Mercury (Cancer) sextile Uranus (Taurus).

Whether yoiu’re single or coupled up, it’s a day for romance. Expect to click with interesting and open-minded folks you encounter, whether online or IRL. Wear something that expresses your uniqueness and creativity.

July 23: Sun enters Leo

Today is going to be a blast. Have fun in the sun or feel no pain in the rain. You’re all about play today, so it may be difficult to focus on the tasks at hand, but you’ll make up for it in spades in the evening. Express yourself. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and buy locally if you can. Healthy reminder: While you’re out and about, wear your mask, wash your hands, and don’t touch your face!

July 27: Jupiter (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces), Mercury (Cancer) square Mars (Aries), and Venus (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces).

So many choices, so little time. The planets are busy today, and so are you. Luckily, you’ve got the power of Mars, diligence of Capricorn, dreaminess of Neptune, flexibility of Mercury, and the charm of Venus in your corner. Be selective in choosing confidants today, there’s some behind-the-scenes whispering you don’t want any part of. Go to bed early if you can, it’s been a long day.

July 30: Mercury (Cancer) opposite Jupiter (Capricorn) and Mercury (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces).

Today you find yourself full of new ideas and perspectives, so much so that you’ll have a hard time remembering it all. Carry a small notebook to scribble down plans, plots, and theories which intrigue you. You’re energy has been recharged, and you’re filled with ambition. Both intuitive and rational thinking are favored now; you’re channeling from a higher source. Be open to breaking routine today and seeing what beautiful secrets you stumble upon. Words of the day: Fantasy, dream, vision.

July 31 Lughnasadh (Lammas) Eve.

Prepare yourself for tomorrow’s witchy holiday. While not a sabbat, Lammas is its own kind of special, once known to the Anglo-Saxons as “Loaf-Mass.” Get ready to celebrate by incorporating a little kitchen magick into the evening. Did you join the “bread making movement” during lockdown? No? How about baking up some tasty quickbread?

Makes for a mighty tasty breakfast, perhaps with a steaming mug of strawberry tea.

Tonight’s the night to prepare a couple fresh loaves, one for your home and one to share…whether it be to surprise a shut-in neighbor, break with friends and family…or just feed the fairies! Tomorrow you can break off a small piece to leave at the root of a tree, preferably nearby a “fairy ring” of toadstools –don’t touch them—or at the root of a special tree. Feed Mother Earth and her beloved creatures, and give thanks. Bright blessings to you, and cheers to an August full of sunshine, joy, and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Be proud of your newfound strength.


Tarot: Judgment

Elements: Fire

Deities: Mars, Ceres, Sol, Dikaiosyne

Stones: Ruby, Garnet, Amber

Plant Magick: Cherries, dill, hyssop, sage, morning glory, lavender, mugwort

Found Treasures: Piece of mirror, fossilized pebble, twine, a small bone

Colors: Red, gold, mauve

Affirmation: I think things out. I catch what I can. I take what comes.


Anthea Oracle: John Blaylock XIII (Death in Traditional Tarot)


John Blaylock XIII is The Anthea Oracle Death card. Bowie fans will recognize our all-time favorite vampire from The Hunger. Some of us had this poster of him playing the cello hanging over our beds in high school. No judgment. Oil, acrylic, ink, watercolor, snippets, stickers, photos, white birch bark, Mod Podge lacquer on 8X10 canvas panel. I cut up a vintage kids’ book about outer space and recycled old cards. Did my toothbrush trick again, I highly recommend it if you’re painting a setting which has snowflakes or stars.  Just a side note: Inside the Triple Goddess moon symbol? In the full moon (mother) part? That’s an awen. According to Celtic mythology –I may be misremembering, but I like this spin so I’m sticking with it–  wearing the Awen will give the traveler freedom to walk between the world of the living and land of the dead. And yeppers, that’s where my pen name is from. The “K” (not that anyone asked) is for my great Aunt Catherine. Though her name was spelled with a “C” she signed everything “Aunt K.” Aunt K was wicked sassy. Also, white birch bark is used by clever witches for safe travel spells; I recommend keeping some in your car at all times. Also-also, you can make tea out of white birch bark and it works like aspirin. I used to brew it along with raspberry leaves, dandelion root, and St. John’s Wort when PMS was a thing. Oh, and since it works like aspirin, the bark is also a blood thinner, so don’t go that route if you’re anemic.


Anthea Oracle: Man Who Sold The World XXI (The World in Traditional Deck)


Man Who Sold The World XXI (The World). Oil, acrylic, ink, gold leaf, silver leaf, watercolor, snippets, stickers, Mod Podge lacquer on 8X10 canvas. Actual card has wide gold borders. Clipped up an anatomy book and children’s atlas from the ’70s. Please note Peggy Jones “postage stamps.” If I were more more more I’d be taking little shots of detail because there’s lots of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it with the Althea deck, but I’m just trying to put these “out there” for now. I’ve got a fantasy that if I say in a public forum   I’m doing this project and intend to get 22 cards altogether finished by year’s end I’m more likely to do it. Also, the Althea Deck  –and sharing it–  is an act of faith. I have faith that we will still have a world to live in by the dusk of 2020. And on that happy note…Off to write another post.


Anthea Oracle: Moonage Daydream XVIII (The Moon in Traditional Deck)


Moonage Daydream XVIII (The Moon). Oil, acrylic, ink, gold leaf, silver leaf, watercolor, snippets, stickers, photos, Mod Podge lacquer. That thar’s some serious moonlight. I had fun doing starry sprinkles by flicking bright white off a toothbrush. Apologies for the blurriness and edge cutoff –actual card’s got gold trim– but as I said earlier, my CNS is a tricky thing. Oh! On this and my other cards– in addition to glossy clippings and all the other stuff– I recycle some of my old paintings and photos. Also like cutting up old books, especially vintage 1970s kids’ stuff. The “pink monkey bird” image is from that time Curious George got high on either and hallucinated that he was flying around the hospital. Is that particular edition still in print, or has it been discontinued?


Anthea Oracle: Goblin King IV (Emperor in Traditional Deck)


First of my Bowie tarot deck: Jareth the Goblin King (i.e. The Emperor) IV. Oil, acrylic, gold leaf, paper, plastic, stickers, cutouts, photos, ink, and stickers on 8X10 mini-canvas. Mod Podge makes ‘er nice ‘n glossy. Apologies for the crooked/blurriness of the image, it’s actually quite STRAIGHT and ALIGNED, but I have very shaky hands. (Thank you, epilepsy.) Please note Krampus also makes an appearance. Because that’s how Krampus rolls.

~~ vka

The Anthea Cards, Part II


That last post was quite a ramble. Anyway, one of my New Year’s Intentions was to create a deck of David Bowie tarot cards, as the number of personas he’s created, characters he’s played, and songs he wrote are a buncha major and minor arcana cards just waiting to happen. Over the years I’d wanted to make them, but it wasn’t until he left us that it felt more like a calling. Once I started them in January, I found that Quiet City Books in Lewiston, Maine was accepting artwork for a show honoring the Thin White Duke on January 31st. Since I’d wanted to display of my work in a public setting, it seemed like an opportunity to get two birds with one stone, so I started my mixed media deck. The image above was intended to be on the backs of all the cards, but now I’m thinking a more calming image. After going through several names I chose the Anthea deck, after the fictional planet from The Man Who Fell to Earth….as well as the healing flower.

Here are the first three which were at the exhibit:


They are on little easels. Very cute. Miniature anything appeals to me. The cards themselves are 8X10, mini canvas panels. Medium: Oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, gold leaf, newsprint, cut outs, photos, plastic, knick-knacks, etc. I’ll post the individuals, later.

So, I was three cards in, working on a fourth, when March rolled around, and the 2020 shitshow kicked in. I lost my joy and passion for the project, and thought maybe working on the Death card (John Baylock) wasn’t going to uplift my mood. So I set the deck aside, and am only just returning to it. My goal was to have the Major Arcana done by the end of the year (at an average of 2 cards a month it seemed do-able), but I’m taking off the pressure. Kind of. I’m hoping if I post my progress in a public forum, I’ll at least have some accountability to harness and channel my creativity, and hopefully get some encouragement to keep going with it. At this point, I’ve mentally shifted gears to only do the Major Arcana, and have it be an oracle/meditation deck as opposed to the traditional 78 cards. By the time I finish 78 cards, who knows what shape the world will be in, and I want to print and market them sooner, rather than later.

Meanwhile, I’d like to thank Courtney from Quiet City Books again for giving local artists and fellow Bowie geeks a setting to strut our stuff. In these trying times, supporting independent booksellers is an awesome thing to do, and let’s help keep the store in business. She’s continued to keep afloat during the shelter-in-place months, and sends out packages…which you can order to specific, or just say your interests and QCB puts together a mystery gift pack. Brilliant! You can find Quiet City Books on Facebook, Twitter, and probably Instagram (I don’t do the Insta). I’ve been trying to post links here and they aren’t working, so…Google ’em.

That’s all, for the moment. Be like little Fonzies. And what’s Fonzie like?






The Anthea Cards, Part I

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 3.23.11 PM

Back in January, I made an ambitious list of New Year’s intentions, having learned many years ago not to make any sort of “resolution.” Though all my divination indicated 2020 would be a turbulent year; I had no idea how much of an understatement that would end up being. Let’s just say when you do a reading seeking a card to summarize the next four seasons, and you draw The Tower XVI. Do you get all sneaky draw a second card “in case you pulled the first one wrong”? Come on, girl. The first draw is always the starting point, like it or not. So far, 2020 has been the perfect storm. When I read cards, I find a way to read an upbeat spin when a card has frightening connotations, imagery, or its reputation precedes it…especially if I’m seeking guidance for another person who scares easy. The Tower is one such card. No one wants to see that bugger pop up in their spread. Ugh.

So is there any up side of The Tower? Well, sure. Okay, yes, it is a card of Ruin, Devastation, and Collapse. I mean,


But XVI also foretells of a restructuring based on truth and – with mindful intention and execution of solution —justice. New beginnings are inevitable once the lightning struck true, the tower collapsed, and all was thrown into a whirlwind of confusion, flying and falling. In the ideal world, Justice will be served. Bee-tee-dubs, Justice VIII was the second card I pulled when trying to dodge the dreaded Tower. Maybe there was something to my “cheating?”

old-tarot-cards-full-deck-justice-colorful-major-arcana-card-vintage-hand-drawn-engraved-illustration-mystic-symbols-67139516Much better.

Anyway, yeah.

New Year, Tower, Justice, revolution, resolution…?

Shoving the spookier implications of The Tower from my mind, I adopted Justice as my card o’ 2020. I wrote a list of tasks, accomplishments, and goals for 2020. Positive action to take. Fresh start. Bright beginnings. Making things right as calm rain on the other side of the violent lightning, thunder, wind, and collapse.

As Neil Gaiman said, “Make good art.”

This post is longer than I intended, so I’ll write a follow-up entry later this week.

Holy god[dess] we are all so tired.

For now?

As the kitten-stuck-in-a-tree posters of the 1970s said, “Hang in there, baby.”hang-in-thereKisses,


Vivacia’s June Astrology: A Wide Sea

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 7.06.17 PM

Hot, a griffin’s mouth of flame,
The sun rasped with his golden tongue
The city streets, till men and walls shriveled;
The dusty air stagnated.

At the third noon a wind rippled,
A wide sea silently breaking;
A thick veil of rain-drops
Hid the sun and the hard blue.
Richard Aldington’s “June Rain” (1892-1962)
from Images: Old and New, 1916

 In these turbulent times, summer’s arrival carries particular significance. The metaphor of the longest day of luminescence penetrating what’s been a three month long “dark night of the soul” is a symbol we can all relate to. Here comes the sun, and I say…it’s all right. On June 20th we celebrate Litha (Summer Solstice, Midsummer, Midsummer’s Eve, Gathering Day, St. John’s Day, St. John’s Eve, Alban Hefin, Feill-Sheathain). Time to rededicate ourselves to the god and goddess, and open our hearts to love. For some Litha ritual inspiration –and then some– check out our own Ambrosia Hawthorne’s latest book, Seasons of Wicca:

Make your evening magickal!

On June 21st, there’s going to be a livestream from Stonehenge if you enjoy the idea of worldwide witchy celebration, because –as we’re learning—social distancing doesn’t equal spiritual distancing. Let’s go on a virtual journey together, shall we?

Back to that “invite romance into your life on the Solstice” suggestion. Have the past couple weeks of Venus retrograde been wreaking havoc on your love life? Problems you’d thought were over and done with have been rearing their ugly little heads? Hopefully you’ve taken advantage of the Veen-Retch to sort through some of that, and come up with compromises leaving all parties happy. But if you just seem to be running in circles and into walls, good news, my friends. On June 25, Venus is back on track, and not a minute too soon.

June’s a hella time for retrogrades. Even some who dismiss astrology as “woo” suddenly become believers when Mercury does its backward dance. Flat tires! Twitter’s down! Instagram’s been hacked! Thrice a year we get a couple weeks which play out like April Fool’s Day on crank. This round is June 18-July 12. Remember there’s an up side to Murk-Retch, and we’ll look at how to make it work for you.

On June 23, Neptune goes Retrograde in Pisces until November 29. This formation can play out like an episode of The Twilight Zone, as though life hasn’t gotten weird enough already. But you can decide whether this distorted reality will go in the nightmare direction or a restructuring based on truth.

June 30th’s Retrograde Jupiter Conjunct Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn is not only quite a mouthful, but it’s going to take a bit of tricky maneuvering to pull it off with a modicum of success. You up for it? Great. Without further ado….Let’s jump into June!

June 3

Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini. You’re feeling a swell of generosity and good will, so lean into that. Give and receive sincere compliments. Don’t let calls go to voicemail or bail last second on that Google hangout. Your peeps need you right now, and you’re radiating charm. You can always go to bed early if buzzy social interaction wears you down.

Venus in Gemini square Mars in Pisces. You find yourself drawn to engage with someone who’s your polar opposite, either a current acquaintance or a new potential connection. The palpable push/pull tension is a major turn-on. If you’re already attached, don’t get pulled into temptation. If you’re single, see where the banter leads.

June 5

Full Moon in Sagittarius and Lunar Eclipse. Sun in Gemini opposites Moon in Sagittarius. This is a good day (and night) for a spiritual experience, one which transcends the five sense perceptions. Explore the beckoning unknown via automatic writing, astral travel, or “deep” scrying, after casting a circle of protection around yourself. For more pragmatic folks, it is important to see the big picture before setting goals.

Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus. Exciting announcement arrives or situation arises, catching you off guard. While news is positive, you experience anxiety from the surprise. You’ll find reason to celebrate when it sinks in, but don’t give in entirely to Taurean excesses which could leave you bloated and hung over. Your erotic energy is vitalized, and you feel experimental. What does love in the time of coronavirus look like to you? Enjoy the discovery.

June 6

Sun in Gemini square Mars in Pisces. You’re faced with a crucial decision (Hello, Gemini!), but struggle to focus on pros and cons due to Pisces’ dreamlike tendencies. Pay attention.

June 11

Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces. You are experiencing the consequences –both positive and negative—of the choices you made under Mars’ influence. Now with Neptune hopping onboard, you need to revisit and review. Find a body of water to meditate beside and bask in the early June sunlight. Open your eyes.

June 13

Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces. A surge of Mars energy inspires you to be more assertive and make a splash. You find an opportunity to bring all that Neptune in Pisces flights of fancy into a more realistic perspective, as you are the Master (or Mistress) of your own personal universe.

June 18

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer. Mercury Retrograde rolls around again, but this time you’re prepared: You backed up your files, changed your oil, charged your phone, and signed any significant paperwork already this month, right? Right. Cancer rules the home, and Mercury retrograde gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our nearest and dearest. Maintaining family connection in this time of social distancing is vital to our mental and emotional health. Go beyond Zoom meetings, emails, and meandering phone calls. Bring back the snailmail! Send handwritten letters to relatives, especially the ones with whom you’ve fallen out of touch. Mercury goes direct July 12th, so just hang in there.

Mars in Pisces Sextile Pluto in Capricorn. Use the absurdity that comes with Neptune Retrograde in Pisces as a starting point for a creative renaissance. Revisit that manuscript you started writing, the unfinished painting, the half-composed song, and focus all that frenzy into making a masterpiece.

June 20

Summer Solstice/Litha Observed.

The warmth of solstice sunshine embraces your soul. Find some space outside to soak up the beams and drink in the light. Focus on healing, and whisper a quiet spell or prayer for our planet which so desperately needs illumination. You’ve got the power to change this world; you’ve had it all along. Stay gold, Pony Boy.

Sun Enters Cancer. There couldn’t be a better time for the turbo-charged sun to plunge into Cancer, shining a light on home, security, safety, and family. You are more demonstrative with your affection. Give in to the part of you who wants to spoil your loved ones on this sacred holiday.

Mars in Pisces Sextile Jupiter in Capricorn. You feel competitive, seek challenges, and are putting together a creative blueprint for future accomplishments. Work hard, ask smart questions, and be bold.

June 21

Annular Solar Eclipse. Annular solar eclipses occur when the moon is farthest from Earth and covers our sun’s center, leaving the visible outer-edge circle to resemble a ring of fire (annulus) on the outer lunar edge. During solar eclipses we recognize that we deserve and need more abundance in our lives. Invite the universe to fill your cup.

New Moon In Cancer. Your family is about to begin a positive new phase of relating. Are you ready to embrace change? New Moon will affect your family of origin, created family, or your “chosen family/inner circle.” Be ready to leave your old narrative behind and let the story of your kin unfold and expand.

 Sun conjuncts Moon in Cancer. Since you are extra sensitive under this astrological configuration, you need emotional intelligence more than ever. Remember not to take on others’ projection, and feel free to dismiss any unsolicited advice which doesn’t ring true.

Know what else is June 21st? Father’s Day. A great opportunity to reconnect with your dad or another father figure and let him know how he’s changed your life for the better. Holiday too patriarchal? Daddy issues? I gotcha, girl. Check out Linda Schierse Leonard’s classic The Wounded Woman: Healing the Father-Daughter Relationship.




June 23

 Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. Imaginations run wild. Falling into a cushy well of avoidant daydreaming is tempting over the coming months, but try to keep your eye on the ball. You’ve got major work to do, and need to keep a level head. This planetary aspect is in place until November 29th, and there’s an election between now and then. Be on the right side of history. Be the change.

June 25

Venus Direct in Gemini. “O me, you juggler, you canker-blossom, you thief of love!” Hermia could well have addressing Venus Retrograde, amirite? Well, happy days are here again, because with Venus going direct in Gemini we’ve got the tools we need to open doors or mend bridges in love; both of the eros and familia influence. You can stop being so serious all the time, and laughter is the best medicine. Treat yourself to some seasonally appropriate rom-com/chick-lit, courtesy of the bard:

Yes, William Shakespeare invented the romantic comedy…along with 1,700 words of the English language.

Now go make things right with your bae!

June 28

 Mars Enters Aries (sextile Saturn in Aquarius) The Red Planet feels at home in Mars-ruled Aries. Therefore, his power is boosted. Mars in Aries pushes us to take action. During this transit, people can listen to their instincts. You can trust your gut and move a plan into powerful forward motion.

 June 30

 Retrograde Jupiter Conjunct Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. During the coronavirus pandemic we’ve discovered depths of inner strength we weren’t aware of, and during this formation you need to call upon that fortitude. Jupiter in Retrograde guarantees challenges and goals will be enormous, while Pluto Retrograde meeting Capricorn’s sharp mind indicate that while surmounting obstacles will be a slow process, you will succeed. Patience, Grasshopper.


Tarot: Justice

Elements: Water

Deities: Cernunnos, Lugh, Sol, Sulis Minerva

Stones: Moonstone, pearl, alexandrite

Plant Magic: Oak, mint, strawberry, vervain, belladonna, and St. John’s Wort. [Please consult with your primary care physician if using SJW medicinally.]

Found Treasures: Mother of pearl, mica, feathers, a dime

Colors: Firey orange, bright yellow, oceanic green

Affirmation: I am the sunshine, I am the sea/Life forever flows through me.

Stay safe out there, everyone….And a blessed Midsummer to you all!



P.S. If you enjoyed my June 2020 horoscope, you’ll probably enjoy the rest of the special Litha issue of Witchology Magazine, as well.


Litha – June 2020 (dragged)

Check it out!

MAY 2020 Astrology: A Spring Clean

If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow
Don’t be alarmed now
It’s just a spring clean for the May queen
Yes, there are two paths you can go by
But in the long run

There’s still time to change the road you’re on

~~ “Stairway to Heaven,” Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, From 1971 album Led Zeppelin IV [and every high school dance’s last song, EVER, from 1972-2019]


Blessed Beltane, y’all! Here’s Vivacia K. Ahwen’s monthly star speculation. Buckle your seatbelts, beautiful babies…May’s kinda whacky. But all’s well that ends well, I promise; just be patient as possible. This column will be in Witchology Magazine, and I’ll post the link as soon as possible so’s you can order up some magical May inspiration.*  Witchology Magazine should always be read whilst sipping a cup of herbal tea –preferably home made and spell-y in the belly (ugh) — nibbling a sweet, listening to something reassuring (Led Zepplin’s not the best choice, I only picked it because, duh, May Queen), incense or sage burning, and maybe you’re under a weighted blanket while scrolling through? I dunno. They’re very comforting. So is Witchology. Yeah. Here’s the skinny on May 2020.

Monthly Overview: Celebrating Beltane with a shelter in place rule makes for a bittersweet sabbat. How to ring in a holiday of passion, mating, and love-relating when you can only leave the house for food and emergencies? What about our Maypole, dammit! How can Beltane happen with no sunrise or sunset invocations. With no forest and beach rituals? Without gatherings with like minded soul calling upon the God and Goddess in collective song, chanting, dance, and blazing bonfires? How do we make our mischief and brou-ha-ha in a way that honors and feeds our collective soul? What’s a witch to do? Hop on the broom and Zoom? Perhaps.

You like decking out your alter, and this holiday you’ve got some extra time to revamp on your indoor practice space into a more user-friendly area. The more inviting your “temple” is –even if it’s just a corner in your bedroom!—the more likely you are to stay regular with your practice. You’re already scrolling through Witchology, now, where inspiration abounds for spells, crafts, artwork, and kitchen witchery. Hit up your solitary practicing pals to see what their favorite solo Holy-Daze celebrations are like; they’ve gotten this personal distancing thing down to a science. And yes, get in on the buzzing magical social media bandwagon; your spiritual community is busier than ever. Making new witchy connections does a spirit right, especially in this fraught point in time. Momma Earth is in bad need of some healing. You may not be able to dance around a May pole this year, but you’ll always be able to find a tree just begging to be embraced.

Speaking of embraces, we’ve been hearing a lot about the dangers of “living in fear” or that by taking social safety precautions we are “giving in to fear.” It’s all about perspective. By respecting the laws of science to smash that COVID curve into submission, and taking to our hideaways until the most dangerous time passes, we are not acting out of fear. We are acting out of love for the safety of all people and our tired planet. Mother Nature is recovering. Finally, is fear really such a shameful emotion to have while trying to survive and thrive in the eye of a storm? Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not here to scare us. They’re here to let us know something or someone is worth fighting for. Let’s learn from our fears, make peace with those fears, and be okay with not being okay. For today.

May 1

Mercury conjunct Uranus. April ended with the introduction of new life lessons, intensified intuition, and a creative drive that had been put on pause as we adjusted to this Brave New World. Take advantage of this jolt to celebrate Beltane; tap into that transcendental “big hum.” Embrace your fertility and feed your horniness in whatever way suits you! Celebrate the coming together and lovemaking of the Divine. The Goddess is alive, magic is afoot. No partner? Find a tree –preferably an alder—and passionately embrace her. Also, sex for one is underrated, so give your hot bod some love. Wear your loveliest frocks or just hang out skyclad, weave some flowers in your hair, crank some music, and dance your sweet ass off.

May 03

Venus square Neptune. Repeat positive affirmations today, as Venus square Neptune can distort your self-image. Honor yourself, and send that self-doubt packing. A good day to reach out to a dear friend and be each other’s cheering squad. Remember that even when socially isolating, you are never alone. Love surrounds you and fills you to the brim. Accept the nourishment and believe yourself deserving of the universe’s big ol’ hug.

May 04

Sun conjunct Mercury. Whew, our mental energy is returning. Focus on what you most desire; this planetary aspect is most auspicious for manifestation. While the influence of Sun conjunct Mercury can help us articulate needs and feelings, our listening skills may waver. Try to focus on what another person is truly saying, rather than trying to shove conversations the way you think they should go. If you’re feeling unheard yourself, don’t internalize it. The ol’ “nod and smile” sometimes is the way to go when you’re being verbally bulldozed. Talkers wear themselves out after awhile.

May 07

Full Moon in Scorpio is the last supermoon of 2020, and she’ll be intense. Tonight’s ritual’s focus could be on emotional closures, and with the power of sexy Scorpio draw that energy back into yourself. Scorpio is infamous for the “sting” and jealousy issues, so don’t give into that shadow side. Instead, call upon his passion, and be prepared to integrate that into the rest of the month. Be open to the tap of your creative muse, and let her sit on your shoulder while you create a new work of art, whatever your medium may be: painting, poetry, music, dance, or theatrics. A mystery which had you stymied is solved, and deeply buried secrets come to light. Burn sage to clean out spiritual blockage and ward off illness.

May 07

Mercury sextile Neptune. Your psychic energy is off the charts today, so work it into your practice. Play “guessing games” with your tarot deck. Mentally contact a far flung friend and see if the phone rings. If you know someone suffering, send them spiritual sympathy and healing energy. Libraries have opened their doors online to keep us all well-read and our heads fed during the pandemic. Take advantage of that by checking out some classic self-help books for nurturing your psychic self. William Hewitt’s Psychic Development for Beginners (1996) is a good one. The Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss is an excellent guidebook as well. Bust out your scrying mirror, try some automatic writing, and gaze into your clearest crystals. See what you see!

May 09

Mercury trine Pluto. Today is all about animal magic. Do you have a familiar keeping you company? No pets? No problem. Turn on some sounds of the forest or sea, lie down, relax, open your mind, and see what creature reveals itself to you. Listen.

May 10

Sun sextile Neptune. A great day to soak up some vitamin D3. Get in at least a half hour of outdoor time, even if that means just sunbathing on your porch. Don’t forget your SPF 50, and pay attention to Neptune when he reminds you to pound that spring water. Deep condition your hair with warm coconut oil. Do you smell summertime coming?

May 10

Mercury trine Jupiter. Let’s get physical! Your body is craving movement, and your soul is craving companionship, but the gym is closed. What’s a poor witch to do? Ring up a buddy for a bike ride, run, or brisk stroll down a spacious path. The shelter-in-place order has an exercise clause, you know. If you live in a high-risk region of the country, look into online fitness clubs and classes and get ready to have a virtual butt-busting session.

May 10

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. A day for “adulting.” Since you’re feeling responsible today and linear thinking, it’s time to get to the bottom of the paperwork and bills that’ve been piling up on your desk. A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind, so sit down and get ‘er done.

May 11

Mercury square Mars. You are a force to be reckoned with today, and ready to share that strength with loved ones who are stumbling. Give in to your generous spirit, as you’ve got plenty of fuel and fire to share. Do the galactic boogie.

May 11

Mercury entering Gemini brings out everyone’s chatty Cathy. Enjoy long phone calls or a Zoom virtual cocktail hour. While the social aspect is lovely, it can be tempting to get pulled into a catty conversation. Avoid gossiping, even if you’ve got a story you’re just dying to share…which is not yours to tell. Keep talk light, easy, and breezy. Remember the threefold law, and only put out the kind of energy you’d welcome back into your life.

May 12

Mercury trine Saturn. Insist and persist. Your ambitious nature is off the charts today, and you’ll feel most accomplished by the time your head hits the pillow. It’s a successful kind of day, and your stamina knows no bounds.

May 13

Mars enters Pisces. Fire and water. Intensity and compassion. Give and take.

May 13

Venus retrograde in Gemini. Like 1970s soft-rock star Mary McGregor sang? “Torn between two lovers/Feelin’ like a fool/ Lovin’ you both/ Is breaking all the rules…” Foolish? Not so much, it’s just that the Goddess of Love and the Sign of the Twins make for a confusing menange a trois. Whether it’s two love interests, two friends, or two heartfelt projects vying for your attention, today’s a day for duality. Meditate today on what balance means to you, and whether you need to flit between interests, choose one, or incorporate both. Can be a juggle, but can also be fun if you let the wind blow you where it will!

May 14

Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn. Whom do you consider a leader in your life? Are you in search of a mentor? Could there be a spiritual guide just waiting for you to discover? Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn is when to reassess who you follow, while listening to your inner wisdom. You’re feeling sharp as a tack, so tackle a project requiring mental acuity.

May 15

Sun trine Pluto. Your influence on others is featured today, so be a force for goodness. Though you are feeling that role model ZING, remain humble. Today is all about effortless mastery.

May 17

Sun trine Jupiter. You feel lucky, punk? No wonder. With the force of Sun trine Jupiter you’re inviting good fortune today. Material acquisition arrives in an unexpected form today, so keep your eyes peeled. Show me the money!

May 20

Venus square Neptune. Contact a person with strong “animus energy” for guidance regarding a romantic issue you’ve been struggling with. If you’d rather meditate on the puzzling conundrum which has been taking up too much mental real estate on your own, invoke whichever masculine spiritual force or god figure you choose in your private practice.

May 21

Sun enters Gemini. The urge to mingle is strong today, and you’re drawn to friends from opposite sides of the social spectrum. Consider starting –or joining—an online reading group to feed your analytical mind, and contacting one of your “spirit buddies” with whom you feel safe to share your hopes and fears without worrying about being judged.

May 22

New Moon in Gemini. Your id and ego are butting heads, you say? Try to harmonize both sides of your personality today. Begin a new project where both instinct and intellect are featured. Balance is everything.

May 22

Mercury conjunct Venus. Clarity in romance is featured today, and your sexual energy is off the charts. Be certain you’re sending the right signals, since there’s no hiding messages when Mercury’s on board for the ride. You’re looking even lovelier than usual today, so hold your head high and revel in that beauty which is always there. You know you have it, so flaunt it. Remember to keep your flaunting six feet away from sexy strangers at all times! Temptation levels are high. Great day for sexy Skyping.

May 22

Sun trine Saturn. Please stop winding yourself up, spinning in circles, and obsessing about small details. Today’s about enlightenment, but stillness and receptivity are essential to listening to what the universe is trying to tell you.

May 22

Mercury square Neptune. If you can find a body of moving water today, please do so. If you can’t find a river, even a small stream will do! Write a wish on a natural “page” (think birchbark, dried leaves, or even biodegradable home made paper), close your eyes, and drop it into the water while concentrating on what that unrealized desire will bring to you.

May 25

Mars sextile Uranus. Mars is bringing out the aggressive warrior in you, so turn down the volume a bit. You catch more bees with honey. Remember that sextiles are an opportunity to create harmony and order out of chaos…Luckily Uranus is a chill planetary influence. Take the competitive tendency provoked by Mars and throw a bucket of water on it. Without water, there can be no growth.

May 28

Mercury enters Cancer:  Mercury inspires deep communication, and Cancer brings up family issues which must be resolved. Choose loving words when speaking with la familia, as they carry more weight today, and dear ones are more open to listening. Open your heart to healing, your mind to understanding, and your spirit for guidance. Listen with a curious approach; learning is favored.

Tarot: The Lovers VI

Elements: Fire

Deities: Sheela-Na-Gig, Cernunnos, Venus, Bacchus

Stones: Adventurine, rose quartz, and bloodstone.

Plant Magick: Daisies, lily of the valley, hawthorn, tarragon, elder

Colors: Deep coral, sunshine yellow, and cumulus cloud white.

Affirmation: I inhale courage. [Take deep breath.] I exhale fear. [Release breath.]

* And May Witchology is up! Check it out….