I just signed a deal with HarperCollins UK. Boo-yeah!

Mischief Books wants REACHING LILY, which is my new novel-hopefully-series, where there’s another complicated bazillionaire who fights falling for a MPDG. But here’s the thing: Dorian Holder has a personality. Lily Dewitt, our Manic-Pixie-Dream-Girl has actual goals for her own life, outside of completing someone. Also, if she ever invokes the “inner goddess,” she is being ironic. Very excited, but will be writing my bum off for the next few months….periodically checking in. Maintenance of Blogs and Twitter are strange things to me, ya see.

Back to work.



Noble Romance Publishing Closes

Oh, that is sooooo last week!

Anyway, without getting into the bummer-details, the company was –to put it kindly– less that Noble, and several authors had enough of what we’ll just say were illegal practices. You can just type in “Noble Romance Problems” if you’d like to follow the sordid history, but I’m trying to keep this blog upbeat. Now we all have our rights to the stories back, and are free to submit them to other publishing houses. Upbeat.

Point being, Angels’ Prey is not currently available, but after I get some priority stuff taken care of, will go back to shopping “Jabazael and Maelfar” around…and hopefully land with a more solid publishing house. Wish me luck. 




It’s an ANGELS’ PREY giveaway contest…for a limited time only, and you don’t have to buy to enter!

Here’s how it goes:

This week, share Vivacia K. Ahwen’s page, and get five friends to tap “like.”

Seriously, that’s all you gotta do. Easy-peasy…you’ve entered to WIN! On Friday, send me a list with your name, email, and the names of your five likers. Drawing to follow. Awesomely naughty e-book to read on the beach this weekend!!!



ANGELS’ PREY, My First Book, and lotsa ARRRRGH

On the MAJOR upside, ANGELS’ PREY is on the “Top 10″ Noble Bestseller list  (not to brag, but I am the peanultimate), so I will focus on that, more writing, and keep on keeping on. Better story next week!


So…anyway, blogging is totally new to me. I come from a different time (a different place, a different planet….far, far away), but have started looking at what these Bloggy Things are, and realize that you have to pick writing for the blog or writing for the book, every day. Since I juggle a million jobs, any modicum of leftover creative energy has to be spent on fiction. Which kinda sucks, because if I DON’T blog (for platforming or whatevz) about my book, or my whole “writer’s persona,” I fall back on the Facebook Vivacia K. Ahwen “I likey” page to pass on any book news or giveaways, and for censorship– that is, my being reported to Mark Z and th’gang– reasons, the Vivacia K. Ahwen *Angels’ Prey* book has been shut down three times, on and off all day. 

Yes, I am annoyed.

Anyhoo, I’ve decided that Mondays will be my official “update the blog” day, so that I can plan around THAT…and figure out how one is actually supposed to “blog.” Though, if there’s an open hour here or there I may put up stuff on WordPress. And get the hang of the whole thing.

Love and Kisses,

Vivacia K. Ahwen


Excerpt from Angels’ Prey, Chapter One: “Awakening”

Tonight, though I can not remember falling asleep, I must be dreaming. The clunky clang is not only quieter, but more of a sweet chime, a lullaby. Bright, white illumination fills my cell, a light more powerful than the morning sun, which has little effect in the dank darkness of my room.  When daylight filters into such a tiny window, the iron bars shadows cast threatening shadows on the other wall, and I feel twice as cloistered. But this unearthly glow warms me, painting the gray stone walls a shade of heaven, phosphorescence which could only precede a holy vision. During the day, the rocks and cement which have become my world remain the color of an angry ocean, no matter how foul or fair the weather. It has rained for days, and will rain for the entire season, so we have been told, perhaps enough to rival the “Year Without A Summer”, one-and-sixty years ago.